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We off you the most beautiful stone and sand products to make your property look fantastic.


Brooks Landscape Supply Yard is your #1 source for landscape materials. We have the best decorative stones, river rocks, limestone, and much more always available when you need.


We offer decorative stones, red decorative stones in two sizes: 3/4" and the other size is 3/8" River Jack - three sizes: 8-12" size, 1-2" size, and 3/4" size. We have river rocks - 2 sizes: 3/4" size, and pea gravel 3/8" regular stone / limestone - 3/4" limestone, 3/8" limestone, crusher run, and screening. We also have carports- sizes start at 12x12 and go to any size, we can make - $799 and up!

Beautiful stone and sand to enhance your property

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Stone and sand specific supplies

    .    Screenings

  • Mason sand

  • 5 Scoops of anything we sell in a 5 mile radius is FREE Delivery

  • Decorative stone

  • Red decorative stones

  • River rocks

  • Pea gravel

  • River Jacks

  • Limestone

  • 5 scoops or more in a 5 mile radius is FREE delivery

Stone and sand supplies offered:

Brooks Landscape Supply Yard always makes sure we provide you with the best sand and stone products for the most affordable rates in the Hanover, PA area. Get in contact with us today to find out more about supplies available.

Affordable stone and sand supplies